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The Benefits of HD Voice

With numerous communication tools now available, such as IM, SMS & E-Mail, Voice calls are used when direct, real-time interaction is required. The improved quality of HD Voice will mean that callers are likely to speak for longer and less likely to revert to alternative means of communication.


The growth in the number of call centres utilising voice recognition technology to efficiently manage and route inbound calls, the improved clarity of HD Voice will improve the interaction with speech recognition engines. It will also process caller's instructions more efficiently, resolving some of the anomalies and frustrations usually associated with speech recognition.


Within audio conferencing environments, the superior voice quality will result in more natural and easier to understand conversations, higher focus on conversation hence faster interaction and shorter calls, particularly where participants have regional and international accents.


"As the telephony services market becomes increasingly commoditised the drive towards HD services represents an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage by differentiating services based on quality. Quality of voice services is still a critical measure of success. Service providers and vendors deploying HD Voice solutions will be able to attract new customers, reduce churn and potentially achieve greater revenues. Studies have shown that the duration of a call is longer when the call quality is higher".

Source for all of above: Xconnect HD Voice web page


The SureVoIP Hosted VoIP PBX and Conferencing platform fully supports HD Voice and SureVoIP also partcipates in the HD Voice Peering trial.