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As of March 2014 SureVoIP is a network operator in its own right and is now completely independent. This means SureVoIP runs it's own network and can supply VoIP optimised internet connectivity, effectively an ISP or rather Internet Telephony Service Provider.

SureVoIP also has its own BT SS7 interconnects in London and Edinburgh. It has its own Ofcom number allocations allowing it to provide telephone numbers for all of the UK, Northern Ireland area codes as well as non-geographic numbers. It can also supply International Telephone numbers.

Everything SureVoIP uses to power its products and services where possible, uses Open Source Software.

SureVoIP runs its own MPLS enabled network which is designed for Voice Over IP (VoIP). It does this to allow it to be independent of any one supplier, for quality and control. The network is spread across two sites for redundancy and high availability and within these sites there is also redundancy and high availability. One site is in London Docklands (Telehouse East) and the other Edinburgh (Pulsant South Gyle). Two more sites (Points of Presence or PoP's) are currently being developed which will be Aberdeen and Manchester.

SureVoIP is a brand name owned by Suretec Systems Ltd.

Suretec Systems is part of the Suretec Group and started providing commercial VoIP consultancy and services in 2006 using Open Source software. For various reasons relating to technical expertise, commercial growth and experience with VoIP suppliers, Suretec made a strategic and financial commitment in January 2009 to create a fully owned communications provider using Voice Over IP called SureVoIP, which is regulated by Ofcom.

SureVoIP has been recognised to be in compliance with all ITSPA set criteria and has therefore been awarded the ITSPA Quality Mark V2. The ITSPA Quality Mark is formal recognition of what SureVoIP has always aimed to implement - a VoIP service that can be trusted to provide its customers with a fair and reliable service which is constantly striving for excellence.

SureVoIP won Best Business ITSP (Medium Enterprise) in The ITSPA 2016 Awards.

SureVoIP welcomes potential new partners and applications for those seeking an excellent career.

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