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SureVoIP Partner

Becoming a SureVoIP Partner allows you to offer VoIP services to your new and existing customers and present a unified brand. You need not mention our name on any of your documentation or billing except when Ofcom requires it.

We give you sales and technical support when needed and can also advise you on any design questions. If you have a bigger project in mind you can use our consultancy services.

You receive 20% discount on all service revenue you bring us. SureVoIP will bill the partner listing all the partners customers with the 20% discount. The customer is contracted with the SureVoIP partner directly, the partner bills the customer and provides initial technical support. 

A partner also has partner level access to the SureVoIP API which allows them to create and update customers, order telephone numbers and many others things enabling them to be 100% self-sufficient.

There is no fee to become a partner, but we do ask that you purchase one of our services, an IP phone for testing and have at least one member of staff.



Please contact us for more information.