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SureVoIP Telecoms Cloud VoIP API


We provide a secure interface to our telecoms platform, your account and your customers accounts (if you are a partner), which allows other programs to enter data in to your account and/or retrieve data, as well as many other things. This presents a number of different opportunities to different audiences.


Business Owner/Managers

You can create your own add-on or application (app) (using a 3rd party developer - we can help) to integrate your business processes. For example you could:
  • have your accounting software download all your invoices
  • list all your companies calls
  • send text messages and faxes
  • manage all your telephone numbers
  • provide a customer portal on your own site (white label)
  • integrate with other applications that you use
  • create your own customers using your partner account
  • order new telephone numbers
  • get out of credit alerts via the push based event notification framework
  • use OAuth 2.0 for allowing 3rd party Apps access to your account
  • be 100% self-sufficient 
  • create telephone calls (good for click-to-call)
  • much more....

Business Software Providers

Other providers of business software can easily integrate their applications with SureVoIP. This is an approach already taken by software companies and ecommerce providers.
By integrating with our products and services you have instant telecom functionality in your own software. We’ll also list your product on our page of available apps (app directory is coming soon!) and help with marketing it to our customers.


There is a market for paid-for add-ons or apps to our platforms. You can develop applications that integrate with SureVoIP and sell them to our customers. We are always happy to list useful add-ons and apps on our site.
We’re often asked to undertake bespoke add-on development by our customers. This is something we don’t provide, so we instead refer them to programmers that we know are capable of working with our API.
We use OAuth2 to make developing apps easy and have our own GitHub account.

Business Service Providers

Our products and services can be used as a telecoms engine at the center of a wider offering. For example: one of our Partners provides CRM services for the various sectors. Their customers use their existing CRM system (rebranded as their own) to do their day-to-day business operations as well as handle all aspects of their telecoms.
The Partner can programmatically retrieve telephone call data, do click to call and download inbound call stats to provide the sales and marketing conversion ratios part of the CRM service, as well as many more things.
There is no additional charge for using the standard API and we welcome feedback and feature requests.
For more information on the API, please see the SureVoIP RESTful hypermedia VoIP API documentation and keep up to date by following the SureVoIP API on Twitter.