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Award-winning Business-grade Hosted VoIP - Choose a feature set which suits your company.


Designed with the needs of business and enterprise in mind, SureVoIP® Hosted VoIP services will give you and your customers the best possible communications experience.

Our Hosted VoIP services come in two tiers:

Fully Managed Hosted VoIP

A feature-rich Hosted service for those who need all the features and functions we provide.


Basic Hosted VoIP

A paired down Hosted service for those who require a more limited number of functions.


We also provide an option for those working on their own with our Single User VoIP.

Giving the person working on their own a useful business-grade service.




Fully Managed Hosted VoIP

Basic Hosted VoIP

Single User VoIP

Voicemail to email notification

Receive an email when a caller leaves a voicemail. Open and listen to the file from the email.

Call Forwarding

Send calls to your mobile or another number when you are not at your desk.

Customer Caller ID (CLI)

Show your new SureVoIP® UK landline number to your customers, even when calling from your smartphone.

High Definition Calls

Crystal clear clarity for all your customer phone calls

Music on Hold

Impress callers with a professional experience if they have to wait.

Single Hunt Call Group

Send callers to the most appropriate person to answer – our automatic equivalent of your company's switchboard.

Multiple Hunt Call Groups

Set up sophisticated transferring patterns within your company's telecoms


Have meetings with your customers without leaving the office. Set up a SureVoIP® Conference Call quickly and easily.

Call Recording

An essential feature for many customers. Record calls for legislative, record keeping or dispute-resolution purposes.

Time of Day Routing

Manage calls according to when in the day they are received. Send out-of-hours calls to a support number, or send calls over holidays to an on-call staff member.

IVR Auto-attendant

An interactive voice menu for callers to hear transfer options


As a SureVoIP® customer, you will receive the support of our UK-based Technical Support Team.

You receive the reassurance that your service is being delivered over a fully owned and managed network. And you also receive the benefit of a business-grade service supplied by a dedicated award-winning company established as an innovative thought-leader within the telecoms industry.


The SureVoIP® Technical Team offer the following advice regarding a VoIP service:

“A good, business-grade Router is an essential ingredient. By far the most common problems we see are solely down to customers using consumer-grade Routers when trying to run a business-grade VoIP service. “