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SureVoIP Hosted Basic

A simpler VoIP service for those who require a business-grade phone system with more limited functionality.

Self-service basic hosted business ip telephony phone system

  • ExperienceHD Voice between users
  • Use any type of device to connect

Not only do we empower the way your business communicates, but we give you access to some of the best features available with call quality to match

Using a SureVoIP Hosted Basic IP Telephony phone system means you no longer have to worry about where your phone system lives or whether you have licenses for all features or users as you don't need any for our platforms!

This comes with one main number, and one ring group. Each user also gets voicemail to email. If you need anymore features than that we recommend an upgrade to the fully managed Hosted VoIP product.

The contract is initially 3 months and then moves to a monthly contract.