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The innovative application of broadband internet technology to traditional telephony is set to radically change the world of business

TO ESTABLISH and maintain a successful business operation, modern-day professionals require an ever-growing arsenal of technology and tools at their disposal.

Topping the list of non-negotiable requirements are a computer, an internet connection, a mobile phone and, of course, a fixed phone line.

The digital age has brought a multitude of advancements to traditional telephony, which now uses a combination of fibre optic cables, microwave transmission links, cellular networks and communication satellites to send voice communications across the world.

However, the fact remains that traditional analogue systems such as wire circuitry are still used to connect that vital last mile from the exchange to the telephone.

Despite a global outlook, the modern-day professional is still very much tied to local-level restraints of limited flexibility and costliness.

Today, innovative application of broadband internet technology to traditional telephony is abolishing the need for this last mile of copper wiring, and is consequently bringing the modern-day professional into the global community.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) transmits voice and multimedia communication through the internet as opposed to the traditional phone line – essentially combining the flexibility and cost efficiency of the internet with the main functions of traditional telephony.

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We hope you are now rested and ready for 2011.

To celebrate the start of 2011 SureVoIP is having its first January sale. We're reducing the price of our memorable numbers by 50%!

To take advantage of this, from the 5th of January for 3 weeks (until 26th January) simply go to our front page and select your VoIP enabled UK telephone number or go straight to our sign up page (don't forget you can get international VoIP numbers too).

Did you also know that SureVoIP was awarded the Internet Telephony Services Providers' Association Quality Mark? The ITSPA Quality Mark is formal recognition of what SureVoIP has always aimed to implement - a VoIP service that can be trusted to provide its customers with a fair and reliable service which is constantly striving for excellence.

There's never been a better time to use VoIP for your business if you aren't already. You don't need to lose your existing numbers as you can "port" your existing numbers to VoIP and VoIP enable them. Unlike traditional PSTN numbers, your numbers won't be tied to a telephone exchange so you never lose them (good for growing businesses that move office or open a new one)!

We can also move your existing VoIP numbers to SureVoIP and have had quite a few new customers that were with other business VoIP providers move to us.

If you have any questions about VoIP being suitable for your company or in general please call us on 01224 900123 or visit


ITSPA, The Internet Telephony Service Providers Association, have awarded SureVoIP the ITSPA Quality Mark. This mark is awarded to eligible ITSPA members who demonstrate clear defined customer service specifications and adhere to ITSPA's defined frameworks for:
SureVoIP is a VoIP business service provider in the UK and one of only a few that have been awarded this mark. 
More information on the quality mark can be found here.

North-east IT and telecoms support specialist, the Suretec Group, has become the first dedicated internet telephony service provider in Scotland, with the launch of a new company division, SureVoIP.


The creation of SureVoIP – a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service provider – follows Suretec securing approval from UK communications industry regulatory body, Ofcom, to assign UK telephone numbers.


As an Ofcom regulated VoIP provider with its own telephone number allocations, SureVoIP has been approved to assign phone numbers to clients across the UK and Northern Ireland. The company can also supply global numbers for at least 60 countries.


This is a unique offer within the Scottish market, as other internet telephony specialists within the country must act as ‘middle-men’ between the client and an approved service provider. The result is that SureVoIP and its partners have higher control over costs and can offer preferential and transparent rates that are to the benefit of clients.


VoIP technology transmits voice and multimedia communication through the Internet as opposed to the fast-disappearing Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), which has been the basic form of service connection to the telephone network in most parts of the world for the last century.


Heralded as the natural successor to its PSTN predecessor, VoIP offers significant improvements to the flexibility, speed and cost of global communication.


Top line advantages of this new technology include the ability to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world where a user has access to an internet connection, at a cheaper rate; make and receive as many calls as an internet connection can support; ensure the security and confidentiality of a communication; and rapid provision of telephone numbers and outbound calling.


SureVoIP has chosen to work in partnership with British Telecom (BT) by way of a VoIP Interconnect, which offers clients a range of additional advantages such as further cost-effectiveness by accessing BT’s UK and global networks.


SureVoIP has also chosen to partner with Xconnect on their Global Alliance program, as well as two other UK VoIP carriers. The Global Alliance interconnection hub allows VoIP service providers to bypass the PSTN to exchange VoIP traffic with over 100 networks worldwide under the policies and settlement terms they choose.


The division has also taken the extra – and equally unique - step to provide clients with 24/7 emergency telephone support.


Gavin Henry, Managing Director of SureVoIP, and founding member of the Suretec Group, said: “This is a hugely exciting time for Suretec. Our journey to securing the approval from Ofcom has been long and complex, involving the submission of detailed business plans, demonstrating an in-depth knowledge of the Communications Act 2003, various legal requirements, documentation and a significant investment in equipment throughout the UK.


It is predicted that VoIP will fully replace its predecessor in the next five to ten years. As such, to have received this approval at such a critical period in this global development is a fantastic result for us.


Our position as an Ofcom regulated service provider will make us a preferred supplier, as we are ideally placed to offer a holistic and competitive service to clients within the North-east of Scotland and beyond.


The applications of VoIP technology are clear and we see it being of particular interest to the oil and gas, shipping, legal and financial industries as they need to make international, reliable and cost effective communications as a basic function.”


Established in Scotland in 2003, the Suretec Group specialises in open source IT support and consultancy, open source telecoms and training in open source software. SureVoIP is the fourth division within the group, which also includes Suretec Systems, Suretec Telecoms and Suretec Training.


For further information about the Suretec Group and SureVoIP please call 01224 279484 or visit and




Issued by Mackenzie PR on behalf of Suretec Group. For further information please contact Paul Beaton or Andrew Reid on (01224) 580 188 or email

First to join from the U.K. are service providers Simwood, SureVoIP and thevoicefactory.

Here's some news on this:

XConnect announced an initiative with leading technology companies Polycom, BroadSoft and Dialogic to promote the adoption of HD voice by service providers in the United Kingdom.

The initiative was launched in response to U.K. service providers’ interest in HD voice services, reflected in discussion during a recent Internet Telephony Service Providers Association meeting. Through workshops and cooperative communication and marketing, the HD initiative is designed to raise awareness and educate service providers about the benefits of HD voice and help them resolve implementation challenges.

The companies joining XConnect in the initiative are market leaders in their sectors of the HD voice ecosystem. Polycom set an early stake in the ground through its SoundStation IP conference phones and SoundPoint desktop phones featuring Polycom HD Voice technology. BroadSoft is the leading global provider of IP-based communications services to the telecommunications industry. Dialogic is a prominent provider of multimedia and signaling technologies and platforms.

As part of the initiative, XConnect announced that the XConnect Global HD Voice Federation is now open to HD voice-enabled service providers globally, following its successful launch in the United States.

First to join from the U.K. are service providers Simwood, SureVoIP and thevoicefactory.

The federation enables the exchange of HD voice calls among all participants, all interconnecting through XConnect’s carrier hub and routing through phone-number lookups via its carrier ENUM registry.

HD voice enables users to experience clearer, higher-quality and more effective voice communication through the use of wideband codecs on IP networks. However, in most cases, to benefit from improved sound quality, callers must be on the same network. XConnect has established the HD federation to allow cross-network support for HD voice and potentially for multimedia IP-based services, such as presence and video.

“The U.K. is ripe for HD voice due to increasing migration to IP and the quest among service providers to differentiate their offerings and deliver greater value to their customers,” said XConnect CEO Eli Katz.

He added, “We are delighted to have facilitated the world’s first cross-network international HD voice calls via a federation – a step that paves the way for global mass-market adoption of HD voice.”

Explaining why his company has joined the HD federation, thevoicefactory CEO Martin Sims said: “We realise that to compete effectively where broadband is a given, we have to move ahead of the pack. In a business market where many different languages and accents are the norm, high-definition voice will help us add value to our services.”

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