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Every year The ITSPA (The Internet Telephony Service Providers Association) runs its own industry awards, giving recognition to providers who have excelled in the field. The awards are given for VoIP provision over consumer, small enterprise, medium enterprise, and corporate deployments. Awards are also given in the categories of Customer Premises Equipment support, Infrastructure and Innovation.


SureVoIP® was thrilled to be a Finalist in three of these categories, and were even more thrilled to win the Best Business ITSP for Medium Enterprise Award.


Entrants were required to submit operation details, and case studies for review for each category. This year as every year, the ITSPA judges set rigorous standards, and two months of technical testing were compulsory for each entrant, scrutinising reliability, stability and service quality.


SureVoIP was alerted that it was a Finalist in three of the categories: Medium Enterprise, Corporate Enterprise, and Best VoIP Infrastructure by a chance conversation in the street – typical of Aberdeen!


The 2016 ceremony was held on The Deck, the amazing glass-walled rooftop enclosure atop the National Theatre in London. Managing Director Gavin Henry attended on the 11th of this month, and was delighted to be invited on-stage to collect the award.


Gavin Henry, MD for SureVoIP, said: “We are extremely delighted to have been finalists in so many award categories, and thrilled to collect the award for Best Business ITSP for Medium Enterprise Award. We continue to demonstrate to our existing customers, partners and newcomers that SureVoIP is dedicated to being one of the best Business VoIP Service Providers in the UK. The fact that we were awarded finalist status across 3 categories (Best ITSP for Medium Enterprises, Best ITSP for Corporate Enterprise and Best VoIP Infrastructure) further strengthens our proposition as a leading business communications provider. "


The independent Scottish Telecoms Provider received further recognition from the national organisation earlier this year, as they were one of the very first to receive the coveted Quality Mark in 2016 - made in recognition of the company's innovative approach to business communications.


Working from a busy office in the Bridge of Don Technology Park, SureVoIP work with local, national and international companies, providing their unique high-tech service. Anyone who has faced the problem of managing telephony on a business or enterprise scale will identify with the issues they solve on a daily basis. Anyone who is currently facing specifying or implementing such a system would be well advised to get in touch!

A big thank you to all our customers, resellers and partners! Without your success in business, we would not be here.

It therefore gives me great pleasure to announce that SureVoIP has made the finalists’ shortlist for three 2016 ITSPA Awards!

Best Business ITSP (Medium Enterprise):

The company winning this category must provide the best all round voice service to medium size businesses. This company has to provide a good selection of business features, including multiple telephone numbers; call queuing as well as support for remote workers

Best Business ITSP (Corporate):

The company winning this category must provide excellent voice services to corporate businesses or other large organisations. This company must demonstrate impressive business performance, innovation and customer service and details an exemplary case study. This company has to provide a good selection of business features, such as multiple telephone numbers, call queuing and support for remote workers.

Best VoIP Infrastructure:

This award focuses on companies providing back end services for VoIP providers and equipment that is typically hosted at the ITSP’s Data Centre. All entrants must provide specifications for the relevant service or piece of equipment. The scope of the equipment will include Hard & Soft Switches, Gateways, Session Border Controllers, Firewalls, QoS enabled switches, etc.

The SureVoIP IP Network is a finalist in this category.

The Awards ceremony will take place on 11th May 2016 at The Deck, National Theatre in London.

Aberdeen based telecoms provider SureVoIP is one of the first in the UK to receive the revamped ITSPA Quality Mark.

ITSPA is the UK’s voice for the next generation communications industry.

Gavin Henry, MD of SureVoIP said “We are extremely delighted to have been awarded this. It has been a lot of hard work by the whole SureVoIP team to meet the tough new standards the ITSPA Quality Mark V2 requires.

“We can continue to demonstrate to our existing customers and partners and newcomers that SureVoIP is dedicated to being one of the best Business VoIP Service Providers in the UK. Our technical abilities were also recently highlighted in a case study developed by LINX which further strengthens trusting SureVoIP for your business communications provider. ”

Eli Katz, the Chair of ITSPA said “We are delighted to launch this updated version of the Quality Mark, which will help customers identify providers who go above and beyond current best practice to ensure a reliable and trusted service.

“We have made significant changes to the requirements of the original Quality Mark, which reflect the maturing nature of our industry. These changes have involved extensive consultation with members to ensure the new requirements remain an effective tool for driving up standards as well as being a meaningful accreditation to apply for.

“Congratulations to the first five companies and I look forward to many more ITSPA members applying in the months to come.”

There have been significant developments across the industry since the Quality Mark’s original launch back in 2009 and it was felt that an overhaul was needed to ensure that it remains fit, robust and valuable for members and continues to provide consumers of next generation communications assurance that they are buying a quality service.


Original source

Here are some of the things that went on in 2015 via a nice case study we did with LINX – SureVoIP on LINX Case Study

Since joining LINX in 2014 and expanding over to IXScotland and IXManchester in 2015, SureVoIP have recorded an increase of 65% in turnover on their 2014 year end. 2016 looks to be an exciting year for its existing as well as new customers and partners, as this means more funds are being re-invested for enhancements and innovation.

“We’re a small operator, with low important traffic, but have had to date, a very exciting and interesting self-funded and fully-owned journey with lots of friends made and help from others along the way.”

How did LINX help?

Gavin Henry, Managing Director of SureVoIP explains;

“This has been our best year, with LINX really bringing value via two examples I can tell you about. One proving our technical prowess, leading to a much bigger order with an existing customer. Another being the resilience and low traffic latency LINX enables, allowing us to demonstrate to a customer that they could trust us with their whole corporations VoIP traffic. The former allowed us to directly reach out to much bigger network operator NOCs and be taken seriously with our fault finding.

We wouldn’t have that level of access and respect without being a LINX member. This in turn has allowed us to expand our team and invest in becoming a true telecom operator via the SS7 network.”

SureVoIP relate much of this success to peering and will happily give technical and non-technical evidence (friendly community, NOC contacts, traceroutes, sector awareness, legal policies etc.) to anyone that wishes to learn more. They consider the network operator and peering sector, especially LINX, as a community which all depends on the co-operation of everyone in order to make the Internet work.

Gavin concluded; “LINX has really made our network one of the best out there and we have won some pretty well known names due to the quality of our phone calls and attention to detail for doing things right.”

To try and help, even a little, for those businesses hit hard by the flooding in the UK at present, SureVoIP would like to offer a free geographic telephone number with voicemail to email.


If you are part of or own a UK based business which is affected by the present flooding, then SureVoIP would like to offer you free voicemail to email.


If your business offices are flooded, your traditional telecoms will be down and you will be unable to take calls. Even if you forward calls to mobiles you will have to dial your voicemail and listen to them. This is slow, unmanageable and adds additional stress.


  • SureVoIP will give you a phone number for free
  • You can record your own message
  • The message left by your customer will be emailed as an attachment to a mailbox of your choice (group mailbox works best)
  • Any member of your team can then listen to it and respond
  • All the callers details are contained in the email so you can quickly find their number and call back
  • The phone number can take at least 10 calls at once

Please contact us to use this service.

We hope it can help.

SureVoIP is joining in on a popular one-off yearly event in the UK called Black Friday (Friday 27th November 2015). This is traditionally a US event, but has proven a success over here.

Therefore, on Friday 27th November 9am – 5.30pm, any number porting orders placed will be free of charge. Also, any new orders for our products and services or hardware will receive 10% off.

There are some major changes being introduced to non-geographic numbers on 1st July 2015 by Ofcom. Ofcom has called them UK Calling.

This is because when you make a telephone call to a service number – one beginning 08, 09 or 118 – it’s not always clear how much it will cost. That will soon change, under a new system that will make the cost of calling service numbers clear for everyone. It affects all calls from consumer mobiles and landlines to 08, 09 and 118 numbers. Please see the following UK Calling website links:

  1. What’s happening?
  2. Guide for businesses to the UK Calling changes
  3. FAQ


If you have any questions, please contact

Thank you,


Dear all,

Only taken 2 1/2 years to get SureVoIP® registered as an official trademark (it took a lot of time, effort and money)!

This further strengthens our commitment to our customers and partners to help protect the SureVoIP® brand.

Thanks for being a customer!

SureVoIP is delighted to make the finalists’ shortlist for the 2015 ITSPA Best Business ITSP (Medium Enterprise) award.


The Award is open to companies offering a VoIP service to medium size enterprises for more than 10 and less than 150 employees/seats.

The company winning this category must provide the best all round voice service to medium size businesses. This company has to provide a good selection of business features, including multiple telephone numbers; call queuing as well as support for remote workers.

Entrants were also required to submit details of its operation, a case study for review and undergo two months of technical testing which examined reliability, stability and quality of its VoIP service. A panel of independent experts have chosen the winners based on their written self-assessments and providing they have passed the benchmark testing metrics.

The winners are announced on the 19th March 2015.

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