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SureVoIP Number Search

Our instant setup tool allows you to select your own telephone number for no extra cost. Note: memorable numbers cost more than the standard monthly of each product and are clearly marked.

SureVoIP Call forwarding

SureVoIP Call forwarding

SureVoIP Call forwarding

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Turn your mobile or landline in to a normal or special UK or international number

  • No expensive hardware needed
  • Receive a call to your mobile or landline
  • Call redirection charges are very low
  • Choose any UK number

Get a new number for market campaign tracking or that new office and redirect it to your current one.

Choose any UK number and get calls to it forwarded to your existing landline or mobile for £48 a year. All you pay for is the call charges to redirect it and monthly rental. For any business this can create a much bigger impression whilst you grow!

The contract for this service is 12 months. Call charges to mobiles are currently 7p ex VAT per minute.

International numbers are also available, please contact us for more information.

There's nothing too technical about this product. Just get a new number and set which number the call goes to for £48 a year. Forwarding to a mobile number will incur the cost of a mobile phone call, and Forwarding to a landline will incur the cost of a landline phone call.