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SureVoIP’s VoIP optimised Internet connectivity takes all your telephone call traffic straight into the SureVoIP core network without having to go over the public internet. This gives you the best possible business grade phone call.

This, along with SureVoIP’s presence in the two main UK public Internet exchanges, LINX and LONAP, enables it to be in full control of your traffic and thus provide a higher level of service – providing one of the best networks for business VoIP in the UK.

We are extremely happy to offer five tiers of VoIP optimised business broadband:

  1. SureVoIP Business Standard ADSL
  2. SureVoIP Fibre (Fibre to the Cabinet) 80/20*
  3. SureVoIP Fibre (Fibre to the Cabinet) 40/10*

These products have a larger download speed vs upload speed.

* Contact us for a quote 


For the larger business users we can also offer:

  1. Leased Lines / Ethernet
  2. EFM (Ethernet for the First Mile)
  3. EoFTTC (Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet)
  4. Custom point to point solutions for larger businesses

These products offer the same download and upload speed and come with an SLA. Please Contact us directly to discuss any of these.