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Partner Fault Reporting

Please fill this out in full. Missing information will delay our investigations.

Before filling out this fault report please see our troubleshooting guide and carry out basic checks.

We appreciate that all customer issues are urgent but a few minutes invested in performing basic checks can often help with identifying trivial issues.


Partner Details
As the SureVoIP Partner, please fill out these details so we can get in touch with you.
Your company name
Please enter your name.
Your email address to communicate regarding this fault report.
Your telephone number
Your Customer Details
Please enter your customer details here. This is so we can locate their account on our systems.
Please enter the company name of your customer.
Your customer account number. This is usually their SIP username for SIP trunks or the domain name used for registering on Hosted VoIP. For example
Please select your customers product which is affected by this fault.
Fault Details
Please provide a full and accurate description of the fault. Be sure to provide examples so we can trace these calls on our systems.
Please select the fault type from the drop down menu.
Please describe the fault experienced by your customer.
Please select the relevant fault severity. This directly affects how the support team respond to your request. If this is misused then future fault report submissions will be automatically classed as Low priority.
When did the end user first realise there was a fault?
Please provide some call examples that were affected by this fault. Please provide accurate details as we need to trace these calls on our system.

Please state times in UK local time (GMT or BST), or state time zone if not using UK local time.
Example data:-
-Caller ID:
-Called number:

For each call example, please identify what was wrong with that particular call (for example, call dropped after how many minutes, audio quality was poor in one or both directions, etc)
The information provided is crucial in helping us locate the particular calls affected to help in our investigations.
IMPORTANT - If this information is missing then investigations will not begin until this information is provided.

What leads you to believe this is a SureVoIP fault?

What steps have you taken to prove the fault away from your customer's equipment?

See for Partner troubleshooting steps.

For example:

- Broadband/Internet connection checked? If so, how?

- Ping and traceroute performed? Please provide output.

- Configuration on system checked?

- Has anything changed?

If your customer uses an on-site phone system (PBX), such as Asterisk or Cisco CUCM, then please provide traces or PCAP files showing calls with the exhibited fault. See for guidance on how to obtain a SIP trace. If this information is not available please state why and what other logs you have checked to confirm the fault does not lie with your customer's equipment. A PCAP is mandatory. If you are unable to obtain a PCAP then please explain why. We will reject faults without a PCAP.
Please upload PCAP file showing this fault, or any other useful file.
Submit Fault
Before submitting, please ensure you have provided us with all the required information. Please check you have provided us with at least one or two call examples. If any information is missing or incomplete then we will ask you to provide this information before we can begin investigations.
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