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SureVoIP is now an independent Internet provider, ready for 2014

12 December 2013 at 15:12pm

As of now we are an independent ISP, but more specifically an Internet Telephony Service Provider in our own right. We made our first test VoIP call the other week across are new network. Here are the details and what you can expect this to bring to you as a customer in 2014. This has been fully self-funded (and fully paid for outright) via your kind and very appreciated business (which we will never forget!) and is now almost fully deployed:

  • Full UK Broadband coverage. This includes ADSL, FTTX, EFM, Leased lines, VPLS and MPLS services (we can start doing quotations for you in January)
  • VoIP calls made over our internet products and our Partners (we will be physically connecting to our partners networks) do not cross the public internet like they do at the moment, meaning even better call quality
  • Those of you that wish to host VoIP equipment with us and be physically connected, now can be
  • SLA's (Service Level Agreements) when using our own Internet connectivity products
  • New VoIP security platform allowing fully encrypted and secure VoIP calls (which is currently only available on hosted handset calls)
  • IPv6 VoIP ability
  • Broadband with no general internet access for security, allowing low cost VoIP optimised connectivity directly in to our platforms
  • Microsoft Lync compatible VoIP using our new security platform (including the ability to provide telephone numbers that work with Lync)
  • New public access contacts platform available via our public LDAP servers - - sync with LinkedIn, Google etc.
  • New portal coming for billing with call packages, partner access, per customer bundles and discount, nice invoices with call stats and graphs which is all driven by the SureVoIP API

as well as all of above the following things are ongoing:

That's a lot to digest and we're sure you have tons of questions! We'll keep you updated on the migration plans and new IP addresses too for those of you in charge of the I.T.! For the technical of you, please see this post for more details - SureVoIP Is Now An Independent IP Network Operator And 2014

Lastly, don't forget our opening hours for the Christmas period.