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SureVoIP Number Search

Our instant setup tool allows you to select your own telephone number for no extra cost. Note: memorable numbers cost more than the standard monthly of each product and are clearly marked.

Admin Charges

Out of Hours per hour support charge£210For support issues raised via the 24/7 emergency support line or email, for action outside of our core working hours
Special configuration for Hosted VoIP£125For non-standard special configuration. Per implementation/request.
Hosted VoIP domain rename£35For rebuilding a Hosted VoIP domain with new hostname. ie to
CLI control enable£10Allow customer to pass own CLI. CLI agreement must be in possession of SureVoIP and satisfactory.
DDI block of 10£10One-off charge of DDI block allocation with clean block. Only if SureVoIP provided.
Direct Debit failure£10Direct Debit collection failed / rejected by bank
Direct Debit re-instatement£10Re-instate a cancelled Direct Debit mandate
Re-enable account£50When account is suspended due to underpayment and account is to be re-instated.
Move Number£20Moving number between accounts.
International Number Re-enable£20When international number disabled for whatever reason (no payment or cancel request) and customer requires re-activation within two weeks.
Refund due to overpayment£10Refund of overpayment when invoice paid by BACS AND collected via Direct Debit after at least two warnings that this is being done.
Complex billing£45Monthly charge for any custom or complex billing requirements.
Mid-order cancellation£50If an order is cancelled before final provisioning for a valid reason (valid at our discretion), otherwise normal termination clauses and charges apply
Trade Reference request£45One-off charge per trade reference
Account Change Request£10One-off charge to re-assign or adjust account extension numbers, direct dials etc.
Ad-hoc Support£105

One-off charge for support requests.

Unauthorised Returns Charge£10Admin charge per item where goods are returned without prior authorisation. This will be in addition to the delivery charge.
API Development£125Per hour charge for custom SureVoIP API development
Bulk Archived Call Recording Retrieval£210For retrieval of Archived Call Recordings held with us per implementation/ request.

(All prices are excluding VAT)


If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.