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Our instant setup tool allows you to select your own telephone number for no extra cost. Note: memorable numbers cost more than the standard monthly of each product and are clearly marked.


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SureVoIP provides UK and International VoIP numbers which are perfect for business start-ups, call centres, sole traders and home based working professionals
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Try full-fledged VoIP Products & Services from SureVoIP; an award winning UK VoIP provider of fully managed hosted business IP phone systems & solutions
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Recommended IP phones, VoIP Equipment and Connectivity Hardware for use with SureVoIP VoIP and internet services for business and enterprise

All about IP Telephony in the cloud (Hosted VoIP) in 90 seconds

VoIP is no longer a new technology. It's not difficult, but the benefits are huge. All you need are IP phones and an internet connection. We do the rest. Whether you have existing equipment or nothing, SureVoIP® can help.

Protecting your privacy

We use the highest quality connections to give you the best service. You will feel like your customer is next door to you. It's that good. You can also feel safe if using our hosted VoIP, as all calls and chats are encrypted and secure from eavesdroppers.


VoIP optimised internet connectivity


SureVoIP’s VoIP optimised Internet connectivity takes all your telephone call traffic straight into the SureVoIP core network without having to go over the public internet. This gives you the best possible business grade phone call

We have been using SureVoIP for since early 2014, and their service has been first class throughout.

Richard Adams, Escripts Marketing Ltd.

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Becoming a SureVoIP Partner allows you to offer VoIP services to your new and existing customers and present a unified brand. You need not mention our name on any of your documentation or billing except when Ofcom requires it