Add Ons

Using the power of the SureVoIP API various add ons have been created by SureVoIPSureVoIP customers or SureVoIP Partners.

The first official one from SureVoIP is the SureVoIP Browser Plugin which works on:

It allows you to "Click to Call" any number on the page and send SMS messages.


The first version of the plugin was developed using the Crossrider framework. However, we have now moved to native plugins for Firefox and Google Chrome only due to the unresponsiveness of the company behind the framework. Please install via the Firefox Addons tool and Google Chrome Store in each browser.

For those of you that are developers, the source code for the plugin is available via the SureVoIP-Browser-Plugin GitHub repository so you can learn how to create your own plugins using the SureVoIP API. T

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