Letter of Authority

The GNP Letter of Authority is usually required only for porting numbers which are part of a multi-line installation.

A multi-line installation generally falls under:

  • ISDN (both ISDN2e and ISDN30e variants)
  • Featureline
  • Auxiliary Line
  • VoIP enabled numbers from certain providers

Additionally, a GNP Letter of Authority will be required if you are porting your number from Skype.

As the name implies, it is ultimately a letter giving SureVoIP authority to port your number and also obtain required information to enable porting of your number. Therefore, the LoA must be filled out in full and accurately.

Losing Communications Provider
This is your current provider. Please fill out the name and also the registered address. This is usually found on an invoice.

This information is required.

Customer Details
This section requires you to fill out your company details.

Requester's Details
This is contact details for the person in your organisation who is responsible for porting the numbers. This person must have authority to make decisions regarding the porting request.

Individual Numbers
Site address must be filled out accurately. This is the address where the service is currently being provided (ie where the lines are physically located). Please don't forget the post code.

The address is still still required even if you are porting VoIP enabled numbers. If this information is missing then your order can not progress.

Telephone Numbers to be ported list the numbers here that you wish to port. Do not omit any numbers as this will cause delay.
Be sure to identify which number is the main billing number.

DDI Range
DDI ranges are typically blocks of 10 numbers, but are sometimes smaller. These numbers must be ported together and identified as a DDI block.

Put anything you feel may be helpful in this box.

Signature and Date Don't forget to date, print your name and sign.

We can not guarantee that an electronic signature will be accepted so we suggest printing, signing by hand, then scanning back in.

Send the form to porting@surevoip.co.uk - please do not send to any other email address as this may delay processing.