Setting up Messages tutorial for Apple Mac OS X (macOS)

You can use the inbuilt Chat program that comes with Apple Mac OS X to connect to SureVoIP IM called Messages. It should just take a few seconds to get set up.

About Messages on Mac OS X

1. Launch Messages

Launch Mac OS X Messages for connecting to SureVoIP IM

2. Enter the 'Add Account' dialog.

Select Jabber for SureVoIP IM

3. Enter your SureVoIP IM credentials

a.  Fill in the field 'Username:' with your SureVoIP IM username: e.g. ghenry,
b.  The 'Domain:' field with '',  
c.  The 'Resource:' field can be anything you like which is used to say where you're based e.g. Office/Laptop/Phone
d.  The 'Password' field with your SureVoIP IM password.

Add SureVoIP IM account settings to Messages on Max OS X

4. Accept the certificate

Accept certificate

5. Now logged in

Now logged in to SureVoIP IM with Messages