Setting up Adium tutorial for Apple Mac OS X

We recommend that our Apple Mac OS X customers connect to SureVoIP IM using free Instant Messaging software called Adium. It should just take a few seconds to get set up.

If you don't already have Adium Instant Messenger, you can download it for free.

Download Adium

1. Launch Adium

2. Enter the Adium 'Add Account' dialog.

Select XMPP on Adium for SureVoIP IM

3. Enter your SureVoIP IM credentials

a.  Fill in the field 'Username:' with your SureVoIP IM username: e.g. ghenry,
b.  The 'Domain:' field with '',  
c.  The 'Resource:' field can be anything you like which is used to say where you're based e.g. Office/Laptop/Phone
d.  The 'Password' field with your SureVoIP IM password.

Add SureVoIP IM account settings to Adium on Max OS X

4. Accept the certificate

5. Now logged in