How to Set Up the Gigaset N300IP and N510IP PRO DECT Base Station

Getting your Gigaset N300 or N510 base station to register to SureVoIP is straight forward.

This guidance is applicable to the following models:

  • Gigaset N300 IP DECT Base Station
  • Gigaset N510 IP PRO DECT Base Station

Please note that it is the Gigaset DECT base station that is configured with the SIP details. The accounts then need to be associated to the relevant handset. Please refer to the handset's manual for instructions on how to pair the handset to the base station.

For more information, see the Gigaset DECT handsets and base stations, please refer to Gigaset manual download page.


  1. Obtain the DECT base station IP address. You can usually do this by pressing the Page button on the base station to have the IP address appear on a paired handset.
  2. Once logged in (default password usually 0000), go to Settings → Telephony → Connections
  3. Set the Connection Name to something meaningful to yourself. We suggest “SureVoIP
  4. Under Personal Provider Data enter the following:
    • Authentication Name will be the SIP username as provided in your Welcome Pack
    • Authentication Password will be the SIP password as provided in your Welcome Pack
    • Username will be the same as Authentication Name
    • Display Name can be anything meaningful to you. We suggest the name of the person using this handset as this will appear on called extensions.
  5. Click the Show Advanced Settings button
  6. Under General Provider Data enter the following:
    • Domain will be the SIP server as provided in your Welcome Pack
    • Proxy Server Address will be the SIP server as provided in your Welcome Pack
    • Registrar Server will be the SIP server as provided in your Welcome Pack
    • Registration refresh time should be 600 sec
    • Stun enabled should be set to No
    • NAT refresh time should be 30 sec - you may need to adjust this depending on your particular router/firewall
    • Outbound proxy mode should be Never
  7. Click the Set button
  8. Reboot your base station


  • If registration fails, check over your settings for any errors. Ensure passwords are copied and pasted without leading or trailing spaces.
  • Ensure SIP ALG is disabled on your router. See this page for further information.
  • If the Status page shows timeout, check over your firewall settings.
  • If you are having trouble making or receiving calls, and your account is registered, ensure your handset has been paired to the base station and the account associated with the handset. This is under Settings → Telephony → Number Assignment
  • If you are still having trouble registering, contact SureVoIP Technical Support.

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