How to Set Up Bria Stretto for Android

Bria Stretto for Android is an automatically provisioned softphone for Android. Bria Stretto can be purchased SureVoIP.

Although this support guide was written for Android, these instructions will also work for Apple iOS (including iPad and iPhone) and also Bria Stretto for Windows and Mac.


Before continuing please ensure you have the following:

  • a SureVoIP Hosted VoIP service, such as SureVoIP Single User or SureVoIP Fully Managed Hosted VoIP
  • your Bria Stretto details email containing your login informatoin
  • your device is connected to the Internet

Obtaining Bria Stretto for Android

  1. Launch Google Play (or the App Store if using iOS)
  2. Search for Bria Stretto
  3. Select Bria Stretto for Android by CounterPath Corp and click Install
    Note that Bria Stretto, which has the red icon is distinct from Bria VoIP Softphone, which has the yellow icon
  4. Once installed follow the next stage to set up Bria Stretto for Android

Setting up Bria Stretto/Enterprise for Android

  1. Once installed, ensure you have WiFi and/or 4G properly set up on your device.
  2. Launch Bria Enterprise for Android, ensuring you have your SureVoIP Bria Stretto account information to hand.
  3. On the Bria Enterprise Login screen enter your Bria Enterprise login details.
  4. The required details can be found in your Bria Enterprise welcome email
  5. Click Login
  6. Congratulations! You are now ready to make and receive calls

For assistance please see Troubleshooting Bria Stretto below.

Troubleshooting Bria Stretto for Android

If you can not log in, check over your username and password, and that the password has been entered correctly (check you are not mixing up i, I and 1 or O and 0 (zero)).

Ensure you have Wi-Fi or mobile Internet enabled (you will need to have a data plan with your provider).

If you are connecting to the Internet using Wi-Fi then ensure SIP ALG has been disabled on your router. See this page for more information on what SIP ALG is and how to disable it.

For further assistance please contact SureVoIP Support.