How to Set Up Bria Android Edition

Bria Android Edition is a carrier-grade softphone for Android based smartphones. Bria can be obtained from the Bria official website.

Bria is also available for Windows, Mac and Apple iOS.

If you have purchased Bria Stretto for Android from SureVoIP then please see this guide to have your softphone automatically provisioned.

Bria is supported on most handsets running a recent version of Android.

  1. Once installed, ensure you have WiFi and/or 3G properly set up on your device.
  2. Launch Bria 3. You will need to have your SureVoIP Account information handy.
  3. Tap the + Add Account button
  4. Select SIP Making Calls
  5. Enter your account details as provided in your Welcome Pack.
    • Display As can be your name.
    • Username is the SureVoIP SIP username as provided.
      It may also be referred to as the Authentication Name or Register Name.
      If you have a SureVoIP Hosted phone system, this will be your Extension.
    • Password is the SureVoIP SIP password as provided.
    • Domain is the SIP Registrar or Registration Server as provided.
    • VM Number should be set to *97
  6. Tap the back button to see the account list.
  7. Once registered, try placing a call by tapping the Phone icon.

For information on other features, please consult the Bria Android Edition User Manual.

If you can not register, check over your username and password, and that the SIP settings have been entered correctly .

Ensure you have WiFi or 3G enabled (you will need to have a data plan with your provider).

Check you have STUN disabled.

  1. Settings > Advanced > Network Traversal Strategy and select Server Managed
  2. Settings > Advanced > Your Account > Account Advanced and set Global IP to OFF

Check the SIP Transport is set to UDP

  1. Settings > Advanced > Your Account > Account Advanced and set SIP Transport to UDP
  2. Settings > Advanced > Your Account > Account Advanced and set Encrypt Audio to Never

If you are connecting to the Internet using WiFi then ensure SIP ALG has been disabled on your router. See this page for more information.