How to Set Up the Aastra/Mitel Series IP Phones

This guide explains how to set up the Aastra 6730i series and Aastra 6750i series SIP Telephones.

For more information on the Aastra/Mitel range of SIP Telephones, please visit the Mitel product website.

Please note that Aastra is now owned by Mitel.

  1. Obtain the handset IP address.
    Press the Spanner button, scroll down to 3. Phone Status and select 1. IP & MAC Address.
  2. Type the IP address into your web browser.
  3. Log in when prompted.
    The default username is admin and the default password is 22222
  4. Under Advanced Settings select Global SIP.
    • Enter your name, or anything meaningful, into Screen Name and Screen Name 2
    • In Phone Number put in your SIP Authentication Username.
    • In Caller ID put in your SIP Authentication Username.
    • In Authentication put in your SureVoIP Authentication User ID that has been provided to you.
    • Enter your SureVoIP password into Password as provided.
    • Line Mode should be Generic.
    • Proxy Server should be entered as provided to you. It might be identified as Registrar server. It is typically not necessary to set Outbound Proxy.
    • Proxy Port should be 5060
    • Registrar Server should be the same as Proxy Server.
    • Registrar Port should also be 5060
    • Towards the bottom, under Codec Preference List select G.722 at Codec 1 and G.711a (8K) at Codec 2
  5. Click Save Settings
  6. Restart the phone by going to Reset under Operation then clicking Restart.
  7. Once the phone has rebooted and is back online, click System Information under Status and check the SIP Status section that the lines are appearing as Registered.

If registration is failing, check over the settings entered above.

Ensure SIP ALG is disabled on your router. See this page for further information.

If the Status page shows timeout, check over your firewall settings.

Try using TCP instead of UDP for SIP Transport. This may help in situations where SIP ALG on a router is causing issues and there is no way to disable it.

If calls are cutting out, or the phone loses registration, enable or increase the frequency of SIP keep-alive settings. Set Line 1 → Registration Period (under Basic SIP Network Settings) to a lower figure.

If you are still having trouble registering, contact SureVoIP Technical Support.