A conference call is where two or more people are able to communicate together, effectively a three-way or more phone call, but with more controls.

The host is able to set a PIN number, kick attendees, mute, and lock the channel from the web interface.

Being part of a conference

Simply dial into the direct-dial number for the conference. Alternatively, dial the switchboard number to be transferred into the conference.

You will be prompted for a PIN.

If you are the only person in the conference, a message will inform you as soon as you join. You will then listen to music on hold until a second person joins, thus commencing the conference.

During the conference, you have several controls available via DTMF.

Key Function
0 Mute - No one will hear you
* Deaf mute - you will not hear others, but they may hear you
3 Talk volume Up - you will be louder to others
2 Talk volume Reset - resets your talk volume to default
1 Talk volume Down - you will be quieter to others
6 Listen volume Up - you will hear others louder
5 Listen volume Reset - resets your listen volume to default
4 Listen volume down - others will be quieter to you
9 Energy Up - Increases your energy threshold. See Energy section for more details.
8 Energy Reset - Resets your energy threshold
7 Energy Down - Lowers your energy threshold
# Hangup - Leave the conference


'Energy' determines how loud your voice must be before it is effectively transmitted into the conference. The conference channel does not transmit background noise, and only transmits what you say if it determines you are actually speaking.

If you are in a noisy environment, you may wish to increase your energy to avoid constantly transmitting background noise, which may cause inconvenience to others (and in a situation where there are several people in a similar environment, can be very noisy).

Also, if you find that when you speak and it is not transmitted into the conference, consider lowering your energy if you are in a quieter environment.