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Headsets and handsets


Plantronics CS540Plantronics CS540


Plantronics Blackwire 3210Plantronics Blackwire 3210


Plantronics Blackwire C3220-APlantronics Blackwire C3220-A


Plantronics Blackwire C5210Plantronics Blackwire C5210


Plantronics Blackwire C5220Plantronics Blackwire C5220


Plantronics CS540 with Handset LifterPlantronics CS540 with Handset Lifter


Plantronics APC-43 EHS adaptorPlantronics APC-43 EHS adaptor


Plantronics APP-51 EHS adaptorPlantronics APP-51 EHS adaptor



Sennheiser - 2.5mm CableSennheiser - 2.5mm Cable


Sennheiser SC660 (USB Connection)Sennheiser SC660 (USB Connection)


Sennheiser SC230 (Wired Connection)Sennheiser SC230 (Wired Connection)


Sennheiser SC260 (USB Connection)Sennheiser SC260 (USB Connection)


Sennheiser SC630 CTRL (USB Connection)Sennheiser SC630 CTRL (USB Connection)


Sennheiser SC260 (Wired Connection)Sennheiser SC260 (Wired Connection)


Sennheiser SC30 (USB Connection)Sennheiser SC30 (USB Connection)


Sennheiser SC665 (USB Connection)Sennheiser SC665 (USB Connection)


Sennheiser SC60 (USB Connection)Sennheiser SC60 (USB Connection)


Sennheiser SC45Sennheiser SC45


Sennheiser SC45 CTRL (USB Connection)Sennheiser SC45 CTRL (USB Connection)


Sennheiser SC75Sennheiser SC75


Sennheiser SC75 CTRL (USB Connection)Sennheiser SC75 CTRL (USB Connection)


Sennheiser D10-USB HeadsetSennheiser D10-USB Headset


Sennheiser D10-Phone HeadsetSennheiser D10-Phone Headset


Sennheiser MB Pro 2 UCSennheiser MB Pro 2 UC


Sennheiser SC130 USB Monaural HeadsetSennheiser SC130 USB Monaural Headset


Sennheiser SC160 USB Binaural HeadsetSennheiser SC160 USB Binaural Headset


Sennheiser SC30Sennheiser SC30



Snom M15 SCSnom M15 SC


Snom A170 DECT HeadsetSnom A170 DECT Headset


Snom M65Snom M65


Snom M85Snom M85


Snom M90Snom M90


Snom D120Snom D120


Snom A100M-USBSnom A100M-USB


Snom A190 DECT HeadsetSnom A190 DECT Headset













 EAR-710V EAR-710V




 EAR-150B EAR-150B




 EAR-150DB EAR-150DB











Gigaset R650H PROGigaset R650H PRO


Gigaset A690HXGigaset A690HX


Gigaset S650HGigaset S650H


Gigaset C430HXGigaset C430HX



Yealink WH62 Mono HeadsetYealink WH62 Mono Headset


Yealink HS22Yealink HS22


Yealink WH62 Duo HeadsetYealink WH62 Duo Headset


Yealink HS28Yealink HS28


Yealink WH66 Mono HeadsetYealink WH66 Mono Headset


Yealink HS42Yealink HS42


Yealink WH66 Duo HeadsetYealink WH66 Duo Headset


Yealink HS48


Yealink WH67 Mono HeadsetYealink WH67 Mono Headset



Cisco 531 Headset with RJ CableCisco 531 Headset with RJ Cable


Cisco 531 Headset with USB CableCisco 531 Headset with USB Cable


Cisco 532 Headset with RJ CableCisco 532 Headset with RJ Cable


Cisco 532 Headset with USB CableCisco 532 Headset with USB Cable