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Gigaset ZY700

Gigaset ZY700

Gigaset ZY700

SKU: ZY700


Expansion keypad for the DE700 IP PRO business phone

While using ZY700 PRO Expansion Modules, Gigaset DE700 IP PRO allow to assign frequently used functionality or phone numbers to additional keys. The Expansion Module has 14 programmable keys with a white background illumination and individual red function LEDs. The function keys can also be programmed via the integrated Web Interface. Each key of the Expansion Module can be programmed for Line, Park Orbit, Speed Dial, BLF or Call Divert. The number of function keys can be even more increased by connecting up to 3 Gigaset ZY700 PRO Expansion Modules.



  • Fully compatible with the DE700 IP PRO Desk Phone
  • 14 programmable keys
  • Up to 3 Keypads can be connected per phone