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Our instant setup tool allows you to select your own telephone number for no extra cost. Note: memorable numbers cost more than the standard monthly of each product and are clearly marked.

Top 5 Reasons For Using VoIP

23 June 2016 at 11:06am

1) Present your company in the best possible way

Create a professional, customised phone system which reflects your company's brand, values and customer expectations.

2) A flexible, scalable resource for your company

The flexibility to set up a customised phone system which fits your requirements, and which can be modified as your requirements change. Users can be added or removed, customer calls flow can be changed, as your requirements change.

3) Increased capacity, decreased cost

Increase your company's capacity to handle calls. With VoIP you gain the capability to deal with multiple concurrent phone calls without the expense of installing new phone lines.

4) No need for specialist IT or telecoms staff

Implement a sophisticated telecoms set up for your company, fully supported and customised to your requirements, and avoid the expense of hiring and training specialist IT or telecoms staff. With automatic provisioning, setting up your handsets becomes secure and hassle-free. A Hosted VoIP system is a true 'out of the box' experience, allowing you to focus on your business.

5) Change how you communicate

Your phone no longer ties you to a desk. A VoIP system will send your calls to anywhere, from a phone in your study at home to a smart phone app loaded onto your mobile. You can present your ordinary business phone number when you call customers. With VoIP, companies benefit from a modern, flexible telecoms solution. Users have the option of remote working or hot desking. Users don't have to be located in the same office (or even country) to transfer calls, pick up unanswered calls from colleagues, and monitor colleague availability at a glance.