Yealink Handsets

This guide explains how to upgrade the firmware for the following Yealink handsets:

  • Yealink T20P
  • Yealink T22P
  • Yealink T26P
  • Yealink T28P

Visit the Yealink support page and scroll down to Firmware.

Download the relevant firmware for your phone model to your desktop.

Open the downloaded archive file and extract the containing .rom file. You may need WinRAR to open the file.

In your web browser, type in the IP address of your handset.

To find out the IP address, press Menu then 1. Status and 1. IP is the IP address.

The username and password is both admin

Go to the Upgrade tab.

Under Select and Upgrade Firmware click Browse.

Locate the extracted .rom file, ie

Click OK, then click Upgrade.

Follow any remaining on-screen instructions. Where it says do not power off, do not interfere at all, or you may cause your phone to become non-functional. Please be patient, it may take up to 15 minutes to complete the process.