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     * Obtain call example     * Obtain call example
       * //Exact// time of call and time zone       * //Exact// time of call and time zone
-      * Transfering ​handset extension ​+      * Transferring ​handset extension ​
       * Transfer target extension       * Transfer target extension
-      * Transferee ​(the original caller) phone number+      * Transferred party'​s ​(the original caller) phone number
       * Any error messages on handset?       * Any error messages on handset?
-      * What transfer procedure was followed at https://​www.surevoip.co.uk/​support/​wiki/​hosted:​reference and/​or ​https://​www.surevoip.co.uk/​support/​wiki/​features:​call_transfer+      * What transfer procedure was followed at [[hosted:​reference]] and/​or ​[[features:​call_transfer]]
       * Intermittent or regular?       * Intermittent or regular?
       * Easily reproduced?       * Easily reproduced?