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Number Porting

SureVoIP can port (transfer) from almost any other provider, allowing you to keep your existing numbers you may already have when moving to SureVoIP.

Porting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Geographic numbers begin with 01 and 02 and are specific to a certain area.

The process to port your number is very straight forward. What we need from you:

  1. SureVoIP Number Porting Form (see below)
  2. If requested, a Letter of Authority (see here for guidance on filling this out)
  3. A copy of a recent bill
  4. Send this information to

:!: It is imperative that you fill out the forms accurately and in full as incorrect or missing information may incur a rejection charge.

See here for explanation and details of the number porting form.

For porting time scales and charges please see Number Porting.

Please send the completed forms to to begin the porting process.

Non-Geographic numbers begin with 03 or 08 and are not specific to a certain area.

The process involved is mostly similar.

We require from you:

  1. Porting of Non-Geographic Number Notice
  2. This must be printed on your company letter headed paper
  3. The notice must be filled out in full and signed
  4. Scan the form and email to

For porting time scales and charges please see Number Porting.

Please be aware that all suppliers involved in supplying your non-geographic numbers will be required to authorise porting of your number(s). The lead time required can vary depending on how many suppliers there are.

SureVoIP can port numbers from most other countries, including France, Germany, US, Canada.

Contact us on 0330 445 0000 or and we will be able to advise you.

Porting away from SureVoIP

We provide excellent customer service and a stable product suitable for business communications. If you are at all unhappy with the service provided by SureVoIP then please contact us in the first instance so we can put things right. We do understand, however, that customers may wish to change suppliers as their needs change.

If your mind is made up and you wish to port your number away then you will need to contact your new provider to begin the porting process. They will make all the necessary arrangements to ensure your numbers are transferred over successfully.

The charges to port numbers away from SureVoIP can be found at Number Porting under Export Costs.

Companies we have a porting agreement with

The following communications provider can port numbers from SureVoIP:

  • aql Wholesale
  • BT
  • Gamma

Ofcom General Condition 18 requires that all communications providers allow their customers to switch providers and keep their numbers. If your chosen communications provider is not in the list above, check with them as they may be a reseller of a provider we do have a porting agreement with - but even if they are not, request that they enter into a porting agreement with Suretec Systems Ltd t/a SureVoIP.