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Zoiper for Android

Zoiper is a multi-platform softphone which offers contact integration, conferencing, encryption and more. The Community version is free but has limitations on some features, such as call transferring.

See Zoiper website for more information on Zoiper, or visit the Zoiper page on Google Play store.

If you are using Zoiper on Windows then please see the Zoiper for Windows Setup Guide.

  1. Once Zoiper has been installed and launched, click on Create an account.
  2. Enter a meaningful name such as SureVoIP.
  3. Enter your extension number 1084. Then enter the outbound proxy
  4. Select SIP UDP.
  5. You will now see registration failed. Click on Settings then Accounts.
  6. You will see the failed account. Click on the failed account.
  7. Enter SIP Details:
    • Host - Sip Registrar/Proxy from your Welcome Pack
    • Username - Your Extension number from your Welcome Pack
    • Password - SIP Password(Secret) from your Welcome Pack. \\
  1. Click Save. If your entered the information correctly, your account will come Online in a second or two, and will have a green bubble next to it. There should also be a notification indicating that you have successfully connected.

For more in-depth information on setting up Zoiper please consult the help guides at the Zoiper Support Questions site.

If you can not register, check over your username and password, and that the SIP settings have been entered correctly .

Ensure SIP ALG is disabled on your router. See this page for further information.

If those are correct, also check your firewall settings.

If you are still not able to connect, contact SureVoIP Technical Support.