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Yealink T18P

This guide explains how to obtain the IP address on the Yealink T18P as it has no display to easily display it.

Configuration of the SIP accounts is otherwise the same as the Yealink T2 range IP phones.

To obtain the IP address, simply dial **90# (asterisk-asterisk-nine-zero-hash). The IP address will be played back to you.

To Enable or Disable DHCP

If you do no have an IP address automatically obtained, but you have a DHCP server running on your network, dial **88# then 1# to enable DHCP.

To disable DHCP, dial **88# then 0#

Static IP Address

In the case where you do not have a DHCP server, or prefer to manually set an IP address, dial **80#.

Enter the IP address for the device, using * (asterisk) in place of . (period), followed by #.
For example, to set you will need to type in 192*168*3*4#

Subnet Mask: **81# - followed by hash. For example: 255*255*255*0#.

Gateway **82# - followed by hash. For example: 192*168*3*1#.

DNS1 **83# - followed by hash. For example: 192*168*5*93#.

You can check these settings by dialling:

  • **90# for IP address
  • **91# for Subnet Mask
  • **92# for Gateway
  • **93# for DNS 1
  • **94# for DNS 2

See the official Yealink documentation for the Yealink T18P Use Guide for full details on these instructions.