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-====== X-Lite 4 ====== 
-===== Getting Started ===== 
-**X-Lite 4** is a softphone, which allows you to use VoIP technology from your computer with a headset, or speakers and microphone. 
-[[http://​www.counterpath.com/​x-lite-download.html|X-Lite 4]] can be downloaded from the [[http://​www.counterpath.com/​|CounterPath]] website [[http://​www.counterpath.com/​x-lite-download.html|here]]. 
-Installing X-Lite 4 is straight-forward,​ simply double-click the file once you have downloaded it and follow the on-screen instructions. 
-===== Account Configuration ===== 
-When you first run X-Lite 4, you will need to set it up to use your VoIP service. 
-Click on **Softphone** then **Account Settings**. You should see this screen appear. 
-Fill out the following fields: 
-  * Account Name: SureVoIP 
-  * User ID: Your account number provided in the welcome email you should have received 
-  * Password: Your account password you should have received in your welcome email 
-  * Display Name: SureVoIP 
-Under **Domain Proxy** ​ check **Register with domain and receive calls**. 
-Set **Send outbound via** as **Domain** 
-Everything else should be left as default. 
-Click **OK** and begin making calls. 
-===== Troubleshooting ===== 
-Windows Firewall may display a warning. Click Allow/​Unblock for X-Lite 4 to gain access to the internet. 
-If calls do not work, check that the User ID, Password and Domain have been entered correctly. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact technical support.