:!: DEPRECATED - please see more recent up-to-date guide at How to Set Up the Gigaset N300IP and N510IP PRO DECT Base Station

This page is now considered out of date and should only be used for guidance if using end-of-life Siemens models.

How to Set Up the Siemens Gigaset C475 IP

Getting your Siemens Gigaset C475 IP handset to register to SureVoIP is straight forward.

This guidance is also applicable to the following models:

  • Gigaset N300 IP DECT Base Station
  • Gigaset N510 IP PRO DECT Base Station

:!: If you are setting up a Gigaset N300 or N510 then please refer to this more up-to-date article:

Please note that it is the Gigaset DECT base station that is configured with the SIP details. The accounts then need to be associated to the relevant handset. Please refer to the handset's manual for instructions on how to pair the handset to the base station.

For more information, see the Siemens Gigaset manual download page.

:!: The screenshots below are examples only. Please refer to your welcome pack for your username, password and server details.

Step 1:

Step1: Siemens Gigaset C475IP with SureVoIP

Step 2:

Step 2: Siemens Gigaset C475IP with SureVoIP