How to Obtain a SIP Trace on the Yealink T1, T2, T3 and T4 Series IP Phones

This guide explains how to obtain a SIP trace on the Yealink T1, T2, T3 and T4 series handsets.

If you need assistance then please contact support by calling 0330 445 0000, emailing or using the Live Help feature at the bottom-right of this website.

  • Yealink T18P
  • Yealink T19P
  • Yealink T20P
  • Yealink T21P
  • Yealink T22P
  • Yealink T23G
  • Yealink T26P
  • Yealink T27P
  • Yealink T28P
  • Yealink T29G
  • Yealink T32G
  • Yealink T38G

Step-by-Step Guide

For troubleshooting you may need to obtain a call trace. This is easily done on the Yealink handsets.

  1. In your web browser, type in the IP address of your handset.
    To find out the IP address, press Menu then 1. Status and 1. IP is the IP address.
  2. Go to Upgrade then Advanced
  3. At the bottom, click Start by PCAP Trace. Start will become greyed out.
  4. Run a test call on the handset
  5. Click Stop by PCAP Trace
  6. Click Export by PCAP Trace and save it to somewhere you can easily find it, ie your Desktop
  7. Locate the downloaded PCAP file, it may be named something similar to and zip it (right-click and Add to Archive).
  8. Email the zipped archive as an attachment to technical support.

Screenshots to be added soon.