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 +===== Follow Me =====
 +**Follow Me** is a feature similar to Call Forwarding but allows for multiple destinations to be set.
 +To set up Follow Me on the Hosted VoIP Portal:
 +  - Log into your Hosted VoIP account (link is similar to yourcompanyname.hosted.surevoip.co.uk - please refer to your Welcome Pack)
 +  - Click on **System**
 +  - Find the relevant extension and click **Follow Me**
 +  - Set **Follow Me** to **Enable**
 +  - Under //Ring 1st Number// enter the first number to try. If this should be the handset itself you need to enter the extension number.
 +  - Enter the destination numbers, where required, for 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th number.
 +  - Set //Delay// as required for each number entry. This is how long to wait before trying that destination.
 +  - Set //Timeout// as required for each number entry. This is how long that particular destination will be attempted.
 +  - Set //Caller ID Name// as required. This is a prefix so other extensions can identify this was a call originally intended for you.
 +  - Set //Call Prompt// as required. This is used when the call is presented to a mobile phone and ensures your mobile phone voicemail does not "​consume"​ the call as this would be considered as being successfully answered otherwise.
 +  - Click **Save** at the bottom of the page to confirm and activate
 +To switch off follow me, simply set **Follow Me** to **Disabled**.
 ===== Feature Codes ===== ===== Feature Codes =====