How to set up Speed Dial on Yealink T2 and T4 Series IP Phones

This guide explains how to set up Speed Dial on the following handsets:

  • Yealink T21
  • Yealink T23
  • Yealink T27
  • Yealink T29
  • Yealink T40
  • Yealink T41
  • Yealink T42
  • Yealink T46
  • Yealink T48

Configuring Speed Dial on the Handset

  1. Press and hold the desired key for about 4 seconds until the configuration screen appears
  2. Set Type to SpeedDial
  3. Set Account ID to the line you wish to use for dialling out. Default is Line 1
  4. Set Label to something meaningful to identify the line key
  5. Set Value to the target telephone number to dial
  6. Press the Save softkey

Using the Speed Dial Feature

When configured, the line key will display the label specified

  • To dial the recipient, simply press the relevant key