How to Change the Ringtone on a Yealink T2 and T4 Series IP Phone

This guide explains how to change the ringtone on the following handsets:

  • Yealink T19P (includes Yealink T19P E2)
  • Yealink T20P
  • Yealink T21P (includes Yealink T21P E2)
  • Yealink T22P
  • Yealink T23G
  • Yealink T26P
  • Yealink T27P
  • Yealink T27G
  • Yealink T28P
  • Yealink T29G
  • Yealink T40P
  • Yealink T41P
  • Yealink T42G
  • Yealink T46G
  • Yealink T48G

To Change the Ring Tone from the Phone Menu

  1. Press the Menu softkey
  2. Press 3 for Settings
  3. Press 1 for Basic Settings
  4. Press 4 for Sound
  5. Press 1 for Ring Tones
  6. Use the Up/Down arrow keys to select desired ring tone. The ring tone will play the highlighted option.
  7. Press the Save softkey once you have highlighted your chosen ring tone
  8. Press the Back softkey until you return to the idle screen

Distinctive Ringtone

If you are subscribed to the Fully Managed Hosted VoIP service then we can set up distinctive ringtone which sets a different ringtone depending on the number dialled.

Contact us by emailing or calling 0330 445 0000.