How to Change the Ring Tone on Cisco SPA500 and Cisco SPA300 Series IP Phones

This guide explains how to change the ring tone on the following handsets:

  • Cisco SPA303G
  • Cisco SPA501G
  • Cisco SPA502G
  • Cisco SPA504G
  • Cisco SPA508G
  • Cisco SPA509G
  • Cisco SPA512G
  • Cisco SPA514G
  • Cisco SPA525G2

To Change the Ring Tone from the Phone Menu

  1. Press the Setting key
    This is the button with a sheet of paper with the folded corner and can be found under the envelope (voicemail) button.
  2. Press 4 for Ring Tone
  3. Press the change softkey to change the ring tone
    • If you need to change the ring tone for a different extension then use the up/down arrow keys to select the required extension, then press the change softkey
  4. Press the up/down arrow keys to select the desired ring tone
    • Press the play softkey to hear the selected ring tone
  5. Press the select softkey to confirm selection
  6. Press the cancel softkey until you return to the idle screen

Distinctive Ringtone

If you are subscribed to the Fully Managed Hosted VoIP service then we can set up distinctive ringtone which sets a different ringtone depending on the number dialled.

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