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   * [[features:​blf:​yealink|Yealink T26P and T28P]]   * [[features:​blf:​yealink|Yealink T26P and T28P]]
-  * [[features:​blf:​yealink_t27_t29|Yealink ​T27P and T29G]]+  * [[features:​blf:​yealink_t27_t29|Yealink ​T27, T29 and T4 Series]]
   * [[features:​blf:​cisco|Cisco SPA500 Series]]   * [[features:​blf:​cisco|Cisco SPA500 Series]]
   * [[features:​blf:​snom|Snom 300 Series]]   * [[features:​blf:​snom|Snom 300 Series]]