How to set up BLF on Yealink T27P, Yealink T27G, Yealink T29G and Yealink T4 Series

This guide explains how to set up BLF, or Busy Lamp Field on the following handsets:

  • Yealink T27P
  • Yealink T27G
  • Yealink T29G
  • Yealink T4 Series

This guidance is also applicable to handsets in the Yealink T4 series (such as T40, T46, T48 etc).

Configuring BLF from the Web Interface

  1. In your web browser, type in the IP address of your handset.
    To find out the IP address, press Menu then 1. Status and 1. IP is the IP address.
    Default username is admin and default password is SUREVOIP followed immediately by the last 6 digits of the MAC address in upper-case.
  2. Click on DSSKey tab along the top
  3. Click on Line Key 1-7 on the left menu
  4. Fill out the required fields with the relevant extensions you wish to monitor
    • Line Key1 to Line Key7 correspond to the BLF buttons on your handset, from top-left down then top-right down.
    • Set Type to BLF
    • Set Value to the extension you wish to monitor
    • Set Label to something meaningful that will show on the display
    • Set Line to Line 1
      If your account is on a different Line then select the relevant Line
    • Set Extension to **
      This is the remote call pick-up prefix
  5. Click Confirm to save and apply

Using the BLF Feature

When configured, the LEDs should light up accordingly.

  • Solid Green means extension is available. Press BLF key to dial extension.
  • Solid Red means the extension is on a call
  • Blinking red means the extension is receiving a phone call. Press BLF key to perform pick-up.