How to set up BLF on Snom

This guide explains how to set up BLF, or Busy Lamp Field on the following handsets:

  • Snom 715

This guide will also apply to the Snom 300, Snom 320, Snom 710, Snom 720, Snom 725 and Snom 760.

  1. In your web browser, type in the IP address of your handset
    1. To find out the IP address, press the up arrow to enter the Settings menu
    2. Press 6 to enter Information
    3. Press 2 to enter System Info
    4. Note the IP Adr field - this is the IP address
  2. If prompted for a username and password, simply press OK as there is not any by default
  3. Click on Function Keys on the menu on the left
  4. Under Context select the relevant account
    This is usually the first extension and selected by default
  5. Under Type select BLF
  6. Under Number type in the extension to monitor with |** suffixed to enable call pickup
    Example: To monitor extension 1023, enter 1023|**
  7. Optional - Under Short Text enter something meaningful to identify the key
    On certain models this will appear on the label corresponding to the key

When configured, the LEDs should light up accordingly.

  • Unlit means extension is available. Press BLF key to dial extension.
  • Solid Green means the extension is on a call
  • Blinking Green means the extension is receiving a phone call. Press BLF key to perform pick-up.