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SureVoIP Business Broadband Router Setup

This guide contains basic router setup information for the following products:

  • SureVoIP Business Premier

This also applies for SureVoIP Fibre (FTTC).

We can supply you with a pre-configured Technicolor or DrayTek router - please contact our Sales Team.

Details required:

  • Broadband Username is as provided, and will be in the format
  • Broadband Password is as provided
  • Encapsulation: VC-MUX or similar
  • VPI/VCI: 0/38 - this should be set already by default
  • Protocol: PPPoA
  • Modulation: Automatic or Multimode 1)
  • MTU Size: 1500
  • IP Address: Automatic or Dynamic

DNS Servers

Use the following DNS resolvers:


NTP Servers

Use the following NTP time server:


SMTP Servers

We do not provide SMTP servers or relays at this time.

Setup Guides for Specific Routers

1) If on Business Premier you may wish to set this to ADSL2+ Annex M if not automatically identified.