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 ====== Support ====== ====== Support ======
-If you have questions or problems, please ​visit our [[http://​groups.google.com/​group/​surevoip-api|SureVoIP API Google Group]] or email:+If you have questions or problems, please email:
   * [[api-support@surevoip.co.uk|SureVoIP API Support]]   * [[api-support@surevoip.co.uk|SureVoIP API Support]]
   * [[api-bugs@surevoip.co.uk|SureVoIP API Bugs]]   * [[api-bugs@surevoip.co.uk|SureVoIP API Bugs]]
   * [[http://​twitter.com/​SureVoIPAPI|SureVoIP API on Twitter]]   * [[http://​twitter.com/​SureVoIPAPI|SureVoIP API on Twitter]]