Number porting

Move your existing number to SureVoIP

SureVoIP can "port", i.e. move your existing number or numbers to us (a communications service provider). This enables you to change a single line number into a multi line number. For example, a single number on a single line can support one call, but once you've moved that number to VoIP, you can have many calls at the same time (as much as your internet connection can handle). If you move office you can still keep your numbers. Many customers do this if they move office so they don't lose their advertised numbers. 

Please note:  when you port a number away from your provider, they will cease that line and all its associated services, such as broadband. If your number has associated services, you will need to transfer these services to the new number before attempting to port to SureVoIP.


Benefits of VoIP enabled numbers

  • Can be directed to any internet connection
  • Centralise reception, sales and support call services.
  • Get numbers for most places in the world and all over the UK
  • Get them all delivered to your one internet connection
  • Increase inbound call capacity
  • Have more control over business continuity and disaster recovery
  • They can be instantly setup and used for marketing campaign tracking
  • You can choose nice and easy to remember numbers (one-off fee)


Porting Timescales

The process of porting a number takes up to two weeks (usually 10 days for a single number), the detailed time scales being:

  • 1 single line request = 10 working days
  • Up to 10 single lines = 20 working days
  • PBX 10 lines or less = 14 working days
  • PBX 11 or more (or a centrex site) = 22 working days
  • Simple DDI = 22 working days
  • Complex DDI = 27 working days
  • ISDN 10 lines or less = 14 working days
  • ISDN 11 lines or more = 27 working days


Porting Costs

  • 1 single line - £20.00
  • Up to 10 single lines - £100
  • 10 PBX lines or less - £100
  • 11 or more PBX lines (or a centrex site) - £200
  • Simple DDI block of 10 - £100
  • Complex DDI block of 11+ - £200
  • Up to 10 ISDN lines - £100
  • Over 11 ISDN lines - £200

(All prices are excluding VAT)

Please note: that any re-submissions/changes are charged at £20 + VAT. You will also be charged this amount for any numbers you port, but then do not use or cease. It may therefore be beneficial to cease the numbers with the current providers before putting through the port request to minimise cost.


Exporting Costs

For porting numbers away from SureVoIP.

  • Single Line (Single Number) - £10
  • Multi Line (Up to 10 Numbers as part of same order) - £50
  • Multi Line (Up to 100 Numbers as part of same order) - £100

(All prices are excluding VAT)


Our porting forms can be found at the bottom of this page. We've put them all in one zip folder as they are saved in various file formats.

If you have any further queries regarding VoIP porting, please contact us.

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